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What To Do If The Guy Never Calls?

In a relationship, girls unknowingly take up the responsibility of “being in touch” all the time. It is very common problem faced by women in relationships. There is a common understanding that a guy stops calling when they lose interest. However this fact becomes very difficult for the women to understand which is why they end up calling him again and again. Although the solution to this problem is quite simple that not to call him again but it becomes quite difficult to understand sometimes. Some women also tend to follow the rules of relationship i.e. calling him once in the morning, once at lunch and once at night. However this is not necessary if you take the right moves to charm your man.

What should you do?

If you are trapped in a relationship where a guy never calls then you should probably understand what is right and wrong things to do at the moment.

  • No matter how much you love him, if he has stopped calling you then don’t keep calling him all the time. You should definitely stop yourself from either texting or calling him to make him realize his mistakes.
  • If you are missing him too much or want to talk to him then try leaving a long email or letter instead of calling him instantly. Once you have dropped him the mail, wait for him to contact you.
  • Don’t ever drop your value in any relationship. Once a guy knows that you are not going to leave him, he will start taking you for granted all the time. It can be very frustrating for the person so always stay aloof and let the guy know that he can only be with you if he understands your value.

How to get back the guy you want?


Being in a relationship where a guy never calls can be very frustrating and depressing. These are the situations when you need the magic tricks to win back the guy. Here are a few tricks in which you can do so:

  • Always give the right signals: Signals are very important in any relationship where you can tell the person a lot many things without even saying them. The right body language is the one where you inform him how special you are and that you can never be taken for granted.
  • Make him feel good: A guy is always attracted to a girl who listens to her and treats him special all the time. So love him and don’t forget to make him feel good about himself.
  • Never be desperate: Showing that you are desperate will yield you no good. Maybe you are desperate from inside but never show him that you are one. Always be calm and polite to him.
  • Communicate: Communication is the best way in order to avoid any issues in relationships. Don’t forget to communicate with him. Take the right steps and opportunities to speak out to show him how well organized you are.