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Breaking Up: It’s Not A Good Idea To Be ‘Just Friends’

Relationship breakups leave you depressed and emotionally stressed, they are never easy. Often when couples tend to break up, to let the other one easy, the dumper proposes for being friends. However, this is not at all a good idea. Each and every person requires a specific amount of time to get over a relationship breakup prior deciding on a new form it can take. The only vital reason to stay friends instantly after a break up is to secure a turn at getting back together. However, it only assures that you literally will not or cannot let go and take the strong step into the life of authentically moving on or being single.

Top reasons not to remain friends after a breakup

You cannot move on – If you opt to remain just friends, you are still trapped in the same spot in your love relationship that you were once when you both were together, and so you cannot make space for new people, circumstances, and events to come your way. Also, you might not carve out any sufficient time to heal. You cannot move and stay hooked to ex.

It’s easy to get too many mixed messages – Just because your ex calls you by your nickname or brings up that desired inside joke, doesn’t essentially signify that your ex still has the same feelings for you as she or he did then. Being friends after your break up may lead to dilemma. Every casual romantic gesture could be misinterpreted as something more, and so it’s too enticing to act on.

You require peace of mind – A breakup transforms everything about love relationship you had. You cannot affectionate or loving like you once used to be. There will be that awkwardness amid you and your ex until you both are totally over each other. Before deciding to remain just friends you must question if remaining friends with your ex is worth sacrificing peace of mind. Your happiness and peace of mind must be your first commitment as without that, you cannot heal.

You know each other very well – Your ex knows specific things about you which no other person does. This inherently makes your relationship or bond very special even if it’s on the friend-level.

It’s difficult to give other person first chances – It’s natural that you would certainly compare the other person or new person in your life to your previous partner. Furthermore, you’ll be closed off for meeting someone new if in case your ex is still in the picture.

Things to remember

It is of highly stronger character to be capable to let go than to hang on or defend. Letting things go is a vital part of life. We never get to know how life is factually going to show up and life certainly brings us loss, rejection and pain. We can feel extremely vulnerable to needing to avert these feelings that we are eager to hang onto a love relationship, which is not to be with us anymore. To grow and move, it is better to accept what hurts and start a new life.