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Relationship Therapy: Not Just For Married Couples Anymore

Counselling is most coveted and looked for when things are going awry in a relationship. However, Counselling is nowadays not just limited to after marriage problems but also extends to unmarried couples who want to enrich their knowledge regarding the rules of a happy marriage or relationship.

There are many facets of a married life which can trigger conflicts difficult to resolve, hence knowing the conflict resolving and other relationship skills beforehand from the expert counsellors can help better readiness and stability in life. Hence, premarital counselling is like a precautionary measure to avoid divorces or strained relationships in future.

Obtaining insight on various problems

There can be a stage in life when either one in the couple can be unhappy due to some relation problems. Hence, this can lead emotional disparity and also limit sexual desires between the partners. Sometimes, there can be many ways tried to get things right on track by one of the partners but nothing works. Also sometimes the past affairs might interfere and hinder a healthy present relationship which becomes difficult to handle for the both the individuals.

For the ones who carry an emotional baggage regarding past breakups, intimate relations with some of their dates, abusive family relations, their marriages can become a cause of dejection as the person will be unable to accept the present partners and also lead to failure in marriages. The problems differ from couple to couple but the major issues which can create controversy are covered by the counsellors.

Helping create a positive start


Marriages can start on a positive note and an absolutely clean slate when both the couples are bought together and made to consciously discuss any of their fears or problems in front of their partners and counsellors who advice them in a proper manner. The new understanding and knowledge they carry help them sail in their marriage journey smoothly countering all problems confidently and also by means of an understanding and trust they develop for each other.

Small relationship skills like complimenting each other are also taught during relationship therapy. Also, advice for a healthy sex life by mystery and surprise planning are some of the advices for bringing about a healthy marriage start and also not letting boredom to set in the normal routine life of the couples.

Long term planning facilitation

There are many things which are to be openly communicated by both the girl and the boy planning to tie the knots. Each and every person getting into a marriage wish and dream of having a happy married life, should decide a proper plan of action to take of finances, career aspirations and also family planning and retirement and also clearly spill the beans regarding the expectations they have from the other half. This helps to curb a few shocks after marriage as the third party counsellor giving the relationship therapy help the partners become ready to be strong partner in times good and bad.